Bus hire with driver


Comfortable travel for long distances


The bus is the road vehicle for most passengers. Although in many cases 50-60 passengers are being transported simultaneously, buses are nowadays extremely comfortable for road vehicles.

Today's passenger buses are equipped with all the amenities and safety features to make travel as comfortable as possible, whether with a low coast hire company.


Comfort and safety are great

In coach hire companies we pay special attention to ensuring that our buses and mini buses are always clean and well maintained. No matter whether you are renting in Budapest, or you are in a country bus, we always try to provide the highest services. Our buses are run by drivers familiar with foreign languages, so there is no obstacle either by sending a foreign delegation. We pay special attention to our rented buses, always meeting the highest safety standards so that you can travel the most relaxed. For a large number of passenger transport, because of the cheapness of the bus hire, this is one of the most economical choices when traveling. Our buses are modern and meet the latest comfort. Thanks to their design, even in our 57-passenger buses, there is plenty of space for both passengers and packages.


Bus service in a luxurious environment

It is a requirement that every bus be equipped with a seat belt. But for our passengers, not only security is the mainstay. When transporting senior officials and ministers, it is important that all functions serve the comfort of the passenger. Our buses are available wifi, televisions, buses are air conditioned.

Our drivers are highly experienced in driving, so you only have to deal with the travel experience.

Conducting individual trips by bus in Budapest, in the country and abroad