Transfer for delegation, ambassadors car

Delegation transfer

When quality is first

Many search for rental companies, driver services. Finding a rental car is not difficult. But when you are not just looking for a simple car or service. There are some passengers who rent a car on other grounds. Our company can help them.

Delegation transfer

Rental cars at the limousine level

Sent, ambassadors, important people are the top priority for reliability. Our passenger cars meet the highest safety and convenience aspects. Here, not only the exterior is counted, our vehicles are air conditioned and have luxurious comfort. Our drivers are on a high level of their profession, and they have know all driving protokoll. It does not fit in this segment, so the driver can not handle the passengers to get caught on an important trip. Our drivers speak the world languages ​​so a foreign traveler can count on his help.

Our car fleet consists of Mercedes, which is a top choice for a careless ride. In our company not only leadership is the most important aspect. We provide services specifically designed for domestic and foreign passengers who require travel assistance during a trip. We deal with interpreting, person and property protection, guided tours.

Delegation transfer

High-class transportation

Our Car Transfer Company provides services that create absolute luxury in the field of travel. Regardless of the number of passengers, both our car and our bus fleet are specially designed for demanding customers so that you will not be able to travel to any part of the world on unparalleled travel and to receive the services that are expected at this level.

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