Mercedes V class

Mercedes V Class


Luxury limousine in enormous size

The Mercedes V class has always been a minibus, which is one of the highest trains in passenger transport. Here, you have everything you need for a mini bus, in Mercedes quality. Our luxury passenger bus provides the largest service with this vehicle both for safety and comfort. We specially aim at those who are looking for luxury and large sizes when renting a minibus.

Mercedes V Class

Luxury interior

The size of the Mercedes V class buses does not go down to quality. Whether you want to travel to a great distance, for example in the countryside or in Budapest or in Hungary, we offer the largest dimensions for passenger transport and the greatest luxury with this small bus. The minibus seats can be fully varied and can be obtained so you can even negotiate on a trip. This makes this mini bus excellent for delivering delegations or senior officers for booking. We also recommend an airport shuttle rental, because not only the passengers and the luggage will be left enough space thanks to the split luggage compartment.

Mercedes V Class

Rolling meeting room

The Mercedes V class is one of the best choices, if you are looking for a mini bus with all the features you need for a comfortable and carefree journey, one of the best and cheaper offers of our company for people who want to be in luxury.

Mercedes luxury minibus hire with driver in Budapest and in the countryside