Our EUR prices (for just a transfer, for a number of hours or for a number of Km-s) are listed below: EUR prices are convenient for calculation. Should the trip be a combination of rates, the final billing applies to the daily larger total obtained, always.

valid from 01 June, 2020

SKODA 3T SUPERB 38 25 0.75
MERCEDES E class 42 32 0.85
MERCEDES S class 105 65 1.25
Euro 5/MERCEDES-VIANO/7 pax 60 28 0.90
Euro 6/MERCEDES V class/7 pax 68 32 0.95
Euro 6/MERCEDES-SPRINTER/8 pax 76 34 1.00
Euro 5/MERCEDES-SPRINTER/19 pax 93 28 1.05
Euro 6/MERCEDES-SPRINTER/19 pax 105 32 1.10
Euro 5/49 pax 145 36 1.45
Euro 6/53 pax 155 38 1.55
Euro 6/57 pax 170 42 1.70


Minimum rental time or distance is 4 hours or 200 km-s (except the airport or railwaystation to hotel trips which are at a fixed rate) to include 2 times 30 minutes or 2 times 15 km trips, from and return to the garage.There is one reporting and one ending time on the trip sheet, therefore the Client is charged for the "standby time" acquired in between as well.

Our prices include all the associated costs to include local taxes, fuel, chauffeur wage, insurance. The local and foreign highway tolls as well as the parking bills will be billed as separate items on the invoice.

For just a foreign language chauffeur services the hourly rate is EUR 15.-
The foreign language guide, interpreter and body guard hourly rate is EUR 20.- Minimum usage(daily) for these services is 4 hours.

Trips to the country side or abroad, extended over several days, will imply accommodation charges for the chauffeur, eventually for the guide, interpreter or body guard and will be charged to the Client.

Should there be a request for a trip abroad or to the country side, please contact our dispatcher for a quotation or a special offer.



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