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1993. visit of HM Queen Elisabeth
1994. C.S.C.E. Congress in Budapest
1995. visit of Governor of N.Y. State/Mr. Pataki
1996. visit of Johannes Paul II. /The Pope
1997. visit of Juan Carlos, King of Spain
1998. visit of Nelson Mandela, Pres. of S. Africa
1999. 50th Anniversary of European Council/Bp.
2000. Meeting of Central-European Presidents
2001. NATO Summit
2002. visit of Albert II., King of Belgians
2003. Regional Roma Conference
2004. visit of Hu Jintao, President of P. R. China
2005. CANON Concerto
2006. visit of George W. Bush, President of U.S.A.
2007. visit of Nicolas Sarkozy, President of Republic of France
2008. Summit the Ministers of Defense in NATO pact
2009. Visit of Crownprince Haokon from Norway in Budapest
2010. SAMSUNG conference (SAMSUNG SUMMIT)
2011. Memorial Ceremony of "The Ronald Reagan Fundation"
2012. "Beyond Band of Brothers" tours in Western Europe
2013. Africa Forum Budapest
2014. AbbVie Meeting/Austria
2015. Presidential Meeting of V4+Croatia
2016. EETS VIP Tours in Europe

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