Sprinter Euro 6

Mercedes Sprinter Euro 6

The King of shuttles

Mercedes minibuses have always been of a high standard. From both security and convenience, we can embark on a mini bus that is unique in its kind. That is why we are dealing with the Mercedes Sprinter 6 minibus within our passenger service.

Mercedes Sprinter Euro 6

Spacious interior, elegant exterior

A 19-person Mercedes minibus is great for delegates, delegations, senior people. Inside, we meet the standard Mercedes quality and we have a place to shop, while from the outside we can meet elegant design. Due to its size, we recommend it to bigger groups to rent an airport shuttle. Because of its comfort and safety, it offers a lasting experience not only in Budapest, throughout Hungary, for long journeys. Seats and dimensions can be tailored to your needs, so you do not have to worry about a comfortable trip, even for a long country trip. With our ever-expanding fleet of vehicles, we are constantly paying attention to the needs of every passenger so that our vehicles always meet the most demanding road requirements and protocol management. At our bus renting company highly recommend you this option for go to

Budapest in Hungary, or get a road trip in countryside.

Mercedes Sprinter Euro 6

The optimal choice

One of the largest and most convenient road vehicles of our Mercedes Euro 6 car at our van rental company. Value for money is one of the best choices if you want to deliver a lot of passengers to the utmost comfort and safety.

Luxury shuttle hire for delegations, delegations at a favorable price