Wedding carriage

Wedding transfers

The first couple of the young couple

To organize a wedding, you have to deal with a lot of things. One such thing is the wedding transfer. It does not matter how a couple at a wedding arrive at the wedding venues. Our car rental company specializes in wedding passenger transport so that the first journey of the couple is as perfect as possible.

Wedding transfers

The biggest highlight

Wedding transfer is one of our most outstanding services.

In this case, quality and safety are of paramount importance. Our cars are always clean and technically unimaginable. Our drivers are highly qualified drivers, they speak foreign languages ​​besides driving and are courteous. It is always fast and accurate to make sure that there is no problem when travelling in marriage. The most popular members of our car fleet are the Mercedes, which represents the highest elegance and luxury. It does not matter how the newly married couple travels. At our company special attention is paid to such cars and drivers to make travel unattended. We also make transfers in the countryside. There are also transfer from Budapest to countryside, or from countryside to Budapest, covering the whole country to make travelling and booking as easy as possible.

Our fleet includes mini buses and buses. Thus, it is not a problem to transport multiple passengers at a time, and sometimes even tens of thousands of people can travel in luxurious conditions.

Wedding transfers

Wedding transfer

If you need a wedding carriage, you can trust us. For many years we have been offering outstanding transfer services, we are reliable and accurate to give you the least amount of trouble at the wedding transfer.

Wedding transfer, wedding car rental in Budapest and in the countryside